Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Where I Disappeared...

Yeah, so...

Almost every day over the last several months, I've been like, "I need to post, I need to post!" However, this was an intense time for me. My daughter graduates from 6th grade this year, and the process of applying to schools to which she can go for 7th through 12th has been INTENSE! Further, I can't afford her tuition, and have to throw fundraisers to pay the balance after her scholarship. That fundraiser was a concert, and it took up sooooo much time. Of course, I still had to cook, do laundry, clean the house, do homework, be active at her school and bring in dollar dollar bills.

Just had the concert on February 7th. It was awesome (I'll be posting links soon enough.) The above image is of my back (I was on the phone) and my girl who helps me out on backgrounds was making fun of me (they say crack kills), along with the bassist who took that picture with his phone. My life is crazy, but I do have fun!

I'll probably post on this blog every day or two till I catch up to present day life. My everyday life is bananas, so stay tuned.

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JustBeInc said...

I just saw your blog on someone's FB page, but your comment regarding your daughter struck me. My daughter is graduating from 6th grade as well and wanted desperately to go to Baldwin. I couldn't swing it, but we are trying again next year now that I know the process! It was like looking for a college - someone needs to start a blog about that!!

Good luck in all of your endeavors. Our children are the same age and my girl is VERY active so I understand the struggle and the balancing act. God Bless.